Fly Erbil

Welcome to the unofficial site of Fly Erbil

This is a new Iraqi airlines which are going to start flying operations in the 1st quarter of 2016.

Fly Erbil will be based in Erbil airport. There are no clear information about the Fly Erbil owners, but there are rumors that the idea of the start up aircompany belongs to Iraqi Kurdistan government. The region develops its independence. And they would like to get more control in air.

Initially Fly Erbil will serve domestic and international flights - mostly to Near Asian countries and Turkey. Now they list 12 destinations, including one local route to Baghdad. Later they hope to expand the geography to forty different cities.

Their fleet consists of several Airbus A320 planes of 140-180 passengers capacity. We have some proofs that Fly Erbil have bought them new. This is a serious investment on one hand, but a wise decision on another hand. New aircrafts are safe and do not require any repair immediately, monobrand fleet is much cheaper in maintenance as well.

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